Techniques: ixdat’s measurement subclasses

TechniqueMeasurement classes (interchangeable with Techniques or Measurement subclasses) inherit from the Measurement class (see The Measurement class in the center). Techniques allow for methods and properties that are specific to the analysis of a certain type of data, providing maximum functionality for each of the supported techniques or combinations of techniques.

Check out the following pages for documentation of the different technique modules published so far:

An up-to-date, full list of the techniques and their names is given in the TECHNIQUE_CLASSES dictionary:

>>> from ixdat.techniques import TECHNIQUE_CLASSES
>>> TECHNIQUE_CLASSES  # note, more techniques may have been added since!
    'simple': <ixdat.measurements.Measurement>,
    'EC': <>,
    'CV': <>,
    'MS': <>,
    'EC-MS': <ixdat.techniques.ec_ms.ECMSMeasurement>,
    'XRD': <ixdat.spectra.Spectrum>,
    'XPS': <ixdat.spectra.Spectrum>,
    'XAS': <ixdat.spectra.Spectrum>,
    'EC-Optical': <ixdat.techniques.spectroelectrochemistry.ECOpticalMeasurement>,
    'SEC': <ixdat.techniques.spectroelectrochemistry.SpectroECMeasurement>,
    'EC-XAS': <ixdat.techniques.spectroelectrochemistry.ECXASMeasurement>