Getting started

Getting started with ixdat: Install the package, work through the tutorials and start treating your data TODAY!


To use ixdat, you need to have python installed. We recommend Anaconda python.

To install ixdat, just type in your terminal or Anaconda prompt:

$ pip install ixdat

And hit enter.

ixdat is under development, and to make use of the newest features, you may need to upgrade to the latest version. This is also easy. Just type:

$ pip install --upgrade ixdat


On the following pages you can find several resources to help you quickly get started with your data analysis:


The best way to get to know ixdat syntax and the many possibilities you have with this package is to go through our Tutorials. While still being work-in-progress for the more recently released techniques, there are two thorough tutorials available for importing, handling, plotting and exporting electrochemistry data. More tutorials are coming soon, so keep an eye on the Tutorials page!

Cheat sheet

Get an overview of the most commonly used classes and methods in the Cheat sheet. Reach out to the ixdat team if you are missing some particular section here!

Article repositories

To see some more advanced usage of ixdat and find out how to use the newest additional features to treat data and create publishing-worthy figures, check out the Article repositories.